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General Information

With an altitude of 5,947 meters above sea level, Alpamayo (in Quechua I: Allpa mayu) or well-known in the contiguous sector as Shuytu rahu (of Quechua origin: 'nevado oblongo') is a mountain in the Andes mountain range. Located in the Peruvian territory that reaches an altitude of 5,947 meters above sea level. Attraction of tourism and adventure geared in the Cordillera Blanca in the Peruvian Andes. It was proclaimed by the magazine Alpinismus (May of 1966) as "The Most Beautiful Mountain in the World", during the Contest of Scenic Photography of Münich in 1966.
With an average inclination of 60 degrees, it forms an almost perfect ice pyramid (seen from Quebrada Alpamayo). Despite being considerably smaller than the neighboring mountains, it is distinguished by its unusual symmetry and exuberant appearance. Its SO face has numerous channels; two of them make up the Ferrari Route and the Franco-Canadian Route (also called Directísima).

Maximum altitude: 5,947 m. (Alpamayo Summit).
Difficulty: Difficult (D +)
Preferred time: May to August.
Place: Cordillera Blanca
Average temperature: Between 13 ° C - 23 ° C during the day / night -05 ° C to -02 ° C.
In the upper part: -10 ° C


Include in Tour:

  1. 3 meals a day (breakfast, box lunch, dinner).
  2. Carp 4 seasons.
  3. Carpa cooks up to the Alpamayo base camp.
  4. Bath tent until the base camp Alpamayo.
  5. Certified Guide (English, Spanish).
  6. Certified chef.
  7. Kitchen utensils and complete dining room: Chair, table, kitchen, gas, dishes, tapas (Base Camp)
    First aid kit.
  8. Private transport.
  9. Porters for the transport of the logistics team (food, tents, etc.)
  10. Boiled water to fill your bottle every day.
  11. Last day: Dinner and typical drink.

Not include in Tour:

  1. Entry Ticket to Huascarán National Park S /. 150.00 Nuevos Soles per person.
  2. Travel accidents and health insurance.
  3. Travel luggage and trip cancellation insurance.
  4. Do not include the first breakfast.
  5. Personal expenses
  6. Sleeping bag, heat lamp, snow goggles, appropriate clothes, personal medicines, etc.
  7. Mountain Technical Team

We Recommend to Take:

  1. Mountain Technical Equipment (Helmet, Harness, Ice Axes, Plastic Boots, Crampons)
    Trekking footwear.
  2. Trekking socks (synthetic fibers).
  3. Sun hat.
  4. Hat for the cold.
  5. Feather.
  6. Trekking sticks
  7. Leggings.
  8. Sleeping bag (-30 °)
  9. Microfiber and thermal shirts.
  10. Trekking pants
  11. Sunglasses.
  12. Backpack 40 liters.
  13. Waterproof jacket.
  14. Waterproof pants.
  15. Waterproof clothing.
  16. Bottle.
  17. Front lantern (with batteries and spare bulbs).
  18. First aid kit Personal.
  19. Photographic material.
  20. Towel.
  21. Flips flops.



1 DAY - Huaraz (3100) – Caraz (2290) – Cashapampa (2973) – Llamacorral (3760).


After breakfast at the hotel we board the private bus (07:00 am) to go along the Callejón de Huaylas, towards the north side of Huaraz. going through the different districts like: Carhuaz (2650), Yungay (2500), Caraz (2250), then we will continue our trip to get the last stop in the Cashapampa District arriving around 10:00 am, in this place we are waiting for the donkeys and muleteer who will be in charge of the transportation of the scald and camp material, from here we will start walking uphill approximately 2 and a half hours, we will have lunch and then we will continue walking uphill for 5 to 6 hours to We finally arrive at our first camp called Llamacorral (3760), arriving around 4 pm.

Transfer in Carriage: 03 Hours / Walk: 05 - 06 Hours


2 DAY - Llamacoral (3760) - Campo Base Alpamayo (4300).


After breakfast we will walk along the Santa Cruz Valley, it is a moderate walk, during the journey we will enjoy the beautiful lakes called Ichiccocha and Jatuncocha, turquoise lakes, then we will arrive to Quisuar where we will have lunch and then continue the walk to the Base Camp of Alpamayo.

Duration of the Day: 05 Hours Approximately.


3 Day - Campo Base Alpamayo (4300) – Campo Morrena  (4800).


This day after breakfast we dismount the camp, we prepare our things and all the mountain equipment so that the porters take care of the transfer. We begin to climb for about 3 hours along a rocky road until we reach the Morrena Field, where we will enjoy splendid views of the Artesonraju (6025), Paria (5519), and Pucajirca (6046) mountains.

Duration of the Day: 04 Hours Approximately.


4 Day - Campo Morrena  (4800) – Campo Alto Alpamayo (5400).


After breakfast, we will equip ourselves correctly and we will have to rope ourselves to climb the glacier for approximately 4 and a half hours until we arrive at Camp I. Dinner in the afternoon and rest.

Duration of the Day: 05 Hours Approximately.


5 Day - Campo Alto Alpamayo (5400) - Cumbre Alpamayo (5947) – Campo Alto Alpamayo (5400).


We will start the day around 01:00 am, we will use the mountain technical equipment, we will rope ourselves and we will walk for 1 hour the glacier until we reach the wall (Ruta Ferrari), the ascent starts with 55 ° to 75 °, 400 m wall, after 6 - 7 hours of climbing we will reach the summit and we will have impressive views of the peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. Finally for the descent we will do some rappels with the help of our Guide to get to the Camp at 11 - 12 am Approximately.

Duration of the Day: 10 - 12 Hours Approximately.


6 Day - Campo Alto Alpamayo (5400) - Campo Base Alpamayo(4300).


This day after breakfast we dismount the camp, we prepare our things and all the mountain equipment so that the porters take care of the transfer. Finally we arrived at the Base Camp Arhuaycocha. Camp area.

Duration of the Day: 6 - 7 Hours Approximately.


7 Day - Campo Base Arhuaycocha (4300) - Cashapampa (2973) – Huaraz (3100).


After breakfast we start the walk downhill along the Santa Cruz Valley enjoying the beautiful view of Jatuncocha and Ichiccocha lake, up to Cashapampa until we reach the town of Cashapampa where private transportation awaits us to move to the city of Huaraz. End of the Expedition

Duration of the Day: 6 - 7 Hours Approximately.







7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS: $ 2.700 USD




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